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Descend with Desafio: Canyoneering In Costa Rica

February 25, 2012:

Insert the “Raiders March” here (Indiana Jones reference)

Canyoneering, or canyoning, is quickly becoming one of the most popular adventure/adrenaline sports in Costa Rica.  Canyoning combines rappelling, down-climbing, scrambling, and wading/swimming into one extremely exhilarating experience.  With its jagged landscape, raging rivers, deep canyons, and breathtaking waterfalls, there’s no question about why Costa Rica is such a hot spot for this rapidly growing sport.  Being one of the major adventure hubs in Costa Rica, La Fortuna is a great place to try canyoneering for the first time.  Although there are many outfits in La Fortuna that offer canyoning tours, Pure Trek Canyoning and Desafio Adventures are without a doubt fan favorites.

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Costa Rica 2012: February 22-23 Our Adventure Begins

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After a hectic night of delays, negotiating with airline reps, switching planes, and a red-eye flight, we finally landed in San Jose (actually Alajuela), Costa Rica, at about 6am.  As soon as the seatbelt sign was turned off and the bonanza of tourists excitedly stood up in unison, I immediately had an overwhelming urge to empty the contents of my churning stomach.  After a sleepless night, alternating hot & cold flashes, and a bit a claustrophobia, my stomach was ready to erupt.  It’s ironic that in a little over 24 hours we would be visiting an active volcano where you can peer directly into a gurgling acid lake.  Our adventure had begun!

Waiting in Denver for our red-eye flight to SJO.

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